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Makeup Application & Instruction


Professional Makeup Application

A professional makeup application gives those who try it a new perspective on their appearance. It is terrific when you feel a need for a change, or you want to look your best for a special event such as a wedding, prom, class reunion, or even for a day out with your friends. Changes Medical Spa & Laser Center would like to be a part of your happiest memories. Come in for a consultation today, or call for an appointment.

Learning how to select and apply makeup in your everyday life is something we all learn by trial and error. But those errors can be costly and frustrating, when you spend money on products that are not right for your skin or appearance. Professional makeup consultation and instruction can save you time, money and frustration! Every woman wants to have the confidence that the products they use and colors they select are right for their individual needs. Getting instruction from a professional will help you achieve that goal.

Changes Medical Makeup Professional

Changes Medical Spa & Laser Center's licensed esthetician is trained in professional makeup application and instruction. They have participated in the GloMinerals “Boot Camp” and continues to attend professional trainings to keep up with the latest trends in makeup and ways to correct specific problems with therapeutic makeup.

What happens in a professional makeup consultation and instruction session?

Professional makeup consultation and instruction starts with a cleansing of the face and neck, with education about how to best cleanse and prepare your skin, based on your individual needs. The esthetician will do a skin analysis to help you determine your type of skin, your concerns, and your goals. A professional color-matching is then conducted on your face and neck to find your individual match for a natural, healthy-looking base shade. Amazingly, about 60-75% of those seeking consultation have been wearing a shade that does not show their skin to its best, true beauty! “But I've worn the same shade for 15 years!” is something we hear very often!

The next step involves determining the basic “look” the client wants to have for a natural, everyday appearance, and selecting those products and colors to best achieve the look. Those are applied and detailed instruction is given so the woman can replicate the application methods and results at home. Changes staff all recognize the need for today's women to save time and be able to do their own makeup in an efficient manner. So we focus on teaching those techniques. Having the right tools (like brushes), products and methods is the key to being able to get ready quickly.

An added step is the selection and demonstration of colors, methods, and products for special occasions or special needs. This can include how to do a formal look, or dramatic effect, or even how to conceal some problem such as acne, a birthmark, scars, discoloration, and other issues.

Special Event Preparation: Weddings, Prom, and Photo Shoots

A new feature at Changes is the application of makeup for special events. In our office or at your location, Changes professionals can give you that special look for that special event! Weddings, formal events, photograph preparation, and even important job interviews or meetings are times when you may not want to go it alone in your makeup application. For these events, you want to look your absolute best, at a time when you may be anxious and need some special help with achieving a memorable look.


Remember that pictures are always a part of such events, and Changes Medical Spa & Laser Center's esthetician is a trained photographer with the special knowledge of how to apply makeup for the best photographic result possible. Let us make you picture perfect with professional application of makeup and use of additional product resources that will give you confidence in your looks and help you relax and enjoy your day. Schedule a free consultation today.


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