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Introducing Dermaplaning at Changes


Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment to remove dead, dulling skin cells, as well as fine “peach fuzz” facial hair.  After the procedure, skin is ultra-smooth and brighter.  Dermaplaning is a favorite in the  entertainment industry because of the immediate effects and the longer term effects of a series of dermaplaning treatments. After a derma planning session, skincare products absorb faster and better, giving better results.  Dermaplaning also gives a smoother surface of the skin for makeup application that uses less product and glides on for better coverage and appearance.  Our skincare professionals (licensed estheticians and nurses) sometimes pair-up dermaplaning with a chemical peel or laser procedure for faster results and better depth and intensity of treatment.


Dermaplaning versus Microdermabrasion:  Which to choose?  While both derma planing and microdermabrasion are exfoliation treatments, there are differences. Microdermabrasion buffs off the top layer of dead skin cells and suctions away the cells and impurities in the pores. Dermaplaning involves scraping the skin to remove more dead skin, hair, and clogged pores. Dermaplaning may be done on sensitive skin and rosacea, where microdermabrasion might cause more irritation. There is no downtime with either procedure, and no side effects.

What our patients say about Dermaplaning:


“My skin felt so soft and smooth! They told me to use about 1/4 as much liquid foundation and they were right. It goes on like silk and looks so much better. My new favorite treatment!”  Marie H.


“I had no irritation and my skin immediately seemed brighter and healthier.”  Hannah B.


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