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Teeth whitening helps create a new you, with confidence in your smile no matter where you go. You may have tried home whitening systems and found that they all failed you. Sometimes, this is because the store-brought products do not contain enough bleaching agent to whiten your teeth effectively, and sometimes it is because your teeth have the type of stains that are resistant to whitening, such as those caused by certain medications.

At Changes Medical Spa & Laser Center, we enjoy helping you achieve a brighter smile you are proud to sport. You may have been waiting until your teeth were very dull before thinking about whitening, but we encourage you to think about how you want your teeth to look now. Everyone’s teeth are unique. Everything from the shape, size, and color, to the thickness of the enamel, is different for everyone. Results are also different for every person.

Deciding what your whitening goals are is the first step, and visiting us is next. We will ask you some questions about your health and certain lifestyle choices that may affect what kind of whitening system is right for your teeth. If you drink wine often, or smoke cigarettes on a daily basis, for instance, you will need more frequent whitening than someone who avoids high-staining products.


The process begins with a “before” photo and matching of your current tooth color to color samples. The whitening process involves placing an individual mouthguard over your lips to help you keep them off your teeth (you will take this mouthguard with you for home use if desired). A strong whitening gel is then applied to the teeth. The whitening gel is activated by a special lamp which is placed almost touching your teeth. You and the staff will wear protective glasses to prevent the light from harming your eyes. You then sit back in our spa chair and relax. Bring your mp3 player or audio device if you like. After 20 minutes, the whitening process is complete. A second “after” photo and matching is done with tooth color samples to see how much whitening has been achieved. Products for home use touch-ups are available after your in-office procedure.

When you want a smile that turns heads, removing the deep-set stains is the key. Richard E. Jackson, M.D. and his team want you to have lasting results and a bright happy smile.


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