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What to expect

Free consultations are the start of SculpSure treatment at Changes Medical Spa & Laser Center. Professionals trained in providing SculpSure treatments will assist new patients in planning the best areas to treat for the most impact on appearance. Written estimates of cost will be provided to the patient, and any questions will be addressed. Most patients also see Dr. Jackson at the consultation, or at the first treatment session. 

At the treatment time, “Before” photos are made, so patients are advised to wear appropriate undergarments or workout clothing that can be moved to show the body area being treated. Plain black garments or undergarments work best for modesty.

Trained SculpSure technicians will then attach the SculpSure placement frames to the treatment areas and position the patient on a comfortable exam table. A trained SculpSure technician will stay with the patient during the treatment. 
At the end of the SculpSure treatment, staff will provide an intense massage of the area using a medical massager. This is a free service that is unique to Changes Medical Spa & Laser Center in its SculpSure service provision. The massage helps to reduce the occurrence of soreness the next day, ensures that circulation is increased to the area, and helps reduce swelling that sometimes occurs.

 Patients are asked to return 6 – 10 weeks after their SculpSure treatment for “After” photos, and asked to wear the same clothing worn in the “Before” photos. At that meeting, the second SculpSure treatment can be done or the need for it discussed.

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Do you live a healthy, active lifestyle, but have annoying pockets of fat that just won’t go away? Perhaps you have thought about body contouring procedures before, but do not want to have surgery, or just don’t have time in your busy schedule to recover from a procedure? SculpSure may be the body contouring solution for you.

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